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Children of the Cult

Explores the world's most notorious and prolific cults Children of God, through the stories of three British women who escaped its clutches.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: n/A

Director: n/A

Country: United States

Duration: n/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Children of the Cult
"Hope and Verity secure convictions against abusers from within the Children of God. And, Celeste receives an apology letter from her worst abuser."
"Hope stages a dramatic escape from Prague and Celeste looks for a way out. But life on the outside proves tough, with many ex members spiralling into dark paths."
"It’s the early 1990s and authorities across the globe are closing in. Meanwhile, Verity decides she wants to leave the cult, but escaping won’t be easy."
"It’s the 1980s, and cult founder David Berg communicates with his followers while on the run. Celeste, Hope and Verity suffer sexual and physical abuse."
"Hope, Celeste and Verity were born into a doomsday cult. These women recount their parents' stories of joining the cult and their devotion to their leader."