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When teen loner and outcast Senna Black is hauled off to summer camp at Camp Whispering Pines by her parents in a desperate attempt to get her to make friends, she is expecting a boring summer of stupid camp songs, insufferable outdoor activities and bug bites. Instead, she meets a mysterious group of girls who are not just outcasts like her, but something much more.
Season 1 - Charmers
"When the demon possesses Clover, Senna has to make a choice in order to save her friends and Camp Whispering Sky from total destruction."
"When Fi’s past comes back to haunt her, it threatens to tear apart the coven for good. Clover discovers a dangerous secret about Maddie."
"Paris finally pushes Zaria past her limit."
"To get ready for a ping pong competition, Clover performs a confidence spell that goes a little too well. Meanwhile, a demon spirit threatens Senna’s new romance."
"When a love potion goes awry, Senna, Fi and Zaria have to think quickly to undo a spell that can only be undone with a kiss."
"Looking for answers, Senna tries to call on her Spirit Guide to understand her magic. Meanwhile, the coven starts investigating dark forces."
"Zaria, Clover and Fi perform a maturity spell to give themselves super strength in time for the Summer Olympics. But when the spell goes haywire, they have to call on Senna to set things right."
"When Senna arrives at Camp Whispering Sky, all she wants is to make friends. She’s not expecting to share a cabin with a coven of witches."