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Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream

In a "nation of middle-class" the IIT dream involves clearing the world's toughest public exam for guaranteed lifelong success. Life is not an exam though. It's a hustle, one that nobody trains them for. The result? Eternal tumult.
Season 1 - Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream
"Students in IIT KGP are 100 miles from the city, with nobody except people exactly like them for company. Teamwork creates magic and loneliness kills. Friendship, like filtered air, is easy to get addicted to and takes a lifetime to quit."
"The hallowed placement season at IITs, the time of 20-hour days, of borrowed suits and ties, piecing together a resume with a bullet point here and a bullet point there, plucked out of 3 years of life not particularly well spent."
"When the few lucky ones finally get into IIT, realization dawns it isn't engineering they had signed up for, but a generic notion of "success". This is the story of those at IIT KGP wondering what to do now that the dog has caught the car."