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Storage Wars - Season 13 Episode 7 - Episode 7

Genre: Reality-TV , Reality


Country: USA

Episode: 280/280 eps

Duration: 21 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2010

IMDb: 5.5

Season 13 - Storage Wars
"The buyers get wind of some interesting units in Santa Clarita; Ivy and Isaiah choose quantity over quality; Brandi gets fancy sneaking a unit from everyone else; Kenny finds himself searching for his soul sister."
"Ivy confuses profit with prophet, but still manages to climb his way to success; Kenny tries to honor the history of San Bernardino, recording a win along the way; Brandi shows her literary prowess volume by volume."
"Dan and Laura hope for better units and better buyers; Rene tries to capitalize on warehouse sales and scoots away with a deal; Jarrod treats himself to a spa day; Darrell reflects on what it means to buy lockers full of antiques."
"Back in Montebello, Brandi and her buddy set the wayback machine and discover a roaring good time; Darrell makes the most of the little he's got; Kenny fills his piggy bank, while courting an unfamiliar pastime."
"The King of Montebello can't wait to see what he can drum up this time around; Rene sniffs out a great locker, stepping over the competition to get it; Kenny does his best to fire up his profits; Brandi can't see the potential in the units."
"Recently separated, Brandi and Jarrod find themselves at the same auction, and tensions flare; she gets the Laura treatment, and he regresses to his childhood self; Ivy schools Ivy Jr., who needs to find his footing."
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